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  1. can you milk the aurochs?
  2. For me meat nuggets are totally borked, if i try to make it it copies the original meat but gives me a random amount of nuggets that dissappear if interacted with. however if i back out of my game and come back in the original meat will be back in the vessel/inventory.
  3. So while sleeping within a traders bed i noticed my food stopped going down and waited for my character to wake up however after about 15 seconds i manually got up and the day night cycle was moving very quickly as if i was still sleeping. I dont know if time is actually passing quickly when this happens as nothing else progresses.
  4. Will definitely try when 15 is stable
  5. Omg that is beautiful!
  6. i thought it was a feature? Ive only found two though in my playtime and the 2nd had 3 people and seemed to be a camp.
  7. No no new baby animals btw, but recently ive built a pen for Sheep and Pigs and for some reason I've noticed that when i leave and come back occasionally a new pig or sheep will appear in their respective pen. So far a ram and a female sheep has appeared in the sheep pin with two pigs appearing in the pig pen. Not sure if it has something to do with the trough or what but its a bit weird.
  8. Thanks I must have missed it, its a cruel feature in my opinion that acts like hardcore mode which in most games i love. Either way thanks for the reply
  9. Not sure if this is a bug or intended but it is extremally game breaking as it makes it impossible to find your lost items upon death. So basically when I die I spawn somewhere way of from my original spawn to the point where my map wont show it which basically breaks my game because I will never even see my house again at that point.
  10. Maybe its just me but having more farming options is always fun in these kind of games. Maybe even aquatic foods like clams, scallops and the like since there are already shells and fish items within the game already.
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