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  1. Nobody on the server gets experience from dirt, and I can confirm that dirt doesn't trigger the Shovel Expert ability, but clay does.
  2. The server uses mostly default settings, and xskills settings haven't been changed at all.
  3. There are multiple mods, none of which changes soil behavior. Tested in single player with the same mods, and soil does give digging experience, so I'm baffled. Mod
  4. Dirt gives no digging exp right now; sand, gravel, clay, peat all work, but soil and bony soil don't.
  5. In 1.15, on Rabbit Tech, deers don't eat at all - neither white or regular, and they don't eat grain or grass.
  6. Specializations are xskills abilities, like Farmer, which increases experience to the Farming skill by 40%. They are entirely unrelated to classes, which is what you pick at character creation.
  7. You get 1 specialization by default (They're the abilities that give +40% experience), all rounder lets you take a second one.
  8. Everyone's a commoner, with the same speed in the 'C'haracter screen.
  9. Two people will raft in the same direction, and one will pass the other. Switching rafts, or making new ones didn't help, and neither did relogging. Some people are just slower on rafts than others.
  10. Changing the raft speed to 0.6, or even 2.0, didn't cause any excessive zoomies.
  11. Armor movement penalty does not slow you down on a raft, as far as I can tell. We don't have xskills.
  12. We've tried it both with and without wind, although changing the wind-player-movement setting itself could be a source of glitchy behavior.
  13. We're not sure what is causing it, but rafts have different speeds for different players. For some, they zoom fast, for others it's the same as swimming.
  14. The metalworking skill tree would be good even without reduced costs, duplication chances and metal bits; it's one of the most popular skill trees as it is. Reducing the number of really powerful abilities would make it on par with other skills, I would say.
  15. Fellow players and I were lamenting the lack of food preservation on trade o mats, when it came to our attention that you can place a trade o mat in a room that counts as a cellar, and it will have regular cellar preservation bonuses. It would be even better, however, if there was a trade o mat that had vessel bonuses. Enter the Vend o Vessel. Made using a vessel and glass pane, this trade o mat variant has the vessel's food preservation bonuses for grain and vegetables, while allowing players to buy its products safely. Vend o vessels, the future of pie trading!
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