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  1. To prevent item loss when removing redundant items, you could remove the ability to craft the items, but leave them in for a few version, so people who have those items have time to use them.
  2. I would have made all the breads with the same nutrition value give the same final product, to reduce the number of items. Maybe some people wouldn't like their blueberry bread to give bread with red spots, but it would mean fewer recipes in the handbook.
  3. Have you considered reducing the amount of similar items in the mod? For example, all the similar berry breads, sushi or dumplings could be made into a few recipes that would clutter the handbook less, and likely be easier to maintain.
  4. I'm using Maestro to convert midi files to abc (First result off google), and every abc file gives an "Error parsing file, char index ###" error message. This one is char index 228. SHADOW2.abc
  5. We've been talking about late-game survival, and have come to the conclusion that food is too abundant. What we need is abilities that increase food consumption; for example : Survival: Abundance adaptation Increases walk speed by 5/10/15%, but also increases food consumption by 10/20/30%. Requires One the road or Scout. Cooking: Healthy diet Increases maximum health and health regeneration by 5/10/15%, but increases food consumption by 10/20/30%. Tier 2 requires Chef. Tier 3 is exclusive with Probiotics tier 3. Cooking: Probiotics Decreases indiv
  6. Can the chiseled door be renamed to whatever the first chiseled block is called? It would make it much easier to make secret doors. And is it possible to make the secondary block solid? Because... Secret stairs.
  7. I was unable to crash with the new version, so hopefully it should be fixed.
  8. I've been trying to find out what causes a trade o rug crash, but I can't find anything definitive. So far, it seems to crash when there's oak saplings in a rug, after you've walked to it from far away; it doesn't crash if you log next to it. The crash may be related to opening the rug normally, then as owner, and sometimes the oak saplings don't show in the rug. Overall, I'm just confused.
  9. Barring new ruins (which sound really cool, but might be difficult to implement), have you considered new, simple systems for the Things That Shall Not Be Named? There's probably multiple ways this could be done, and I'm sure there's many more difficulties to overcome, but it would create a great, unique aspect to the Thing statues.
  10. The problem is the fishes start rotting as soon as they're caught in the trap, not when you pick them up. You can't really expect to place a day-long dead fish into water and see it alive and swimming.
  11. What about limiting fish types per biome? Arctic char shouldn't spawn in warm biomes, for example.
  12. Class traits can add unique recipes (for example, the Clockmaker in MoreClasses adds the Crafty traits), but you can't search for the trait to see everything the class can do. Would it be possible to add trait keyword searching to the handbook?
  13. You will find the drops for disassembling in xskills file > assets\xskills\patches\metalworking.json
  14. Press R (default) to access the strong back slots.
  15. It has been confirmed that PvP is enabled disabled for xskills. So, what we need is a mod that shows damage output in damage logs.
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