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Lamp Liners request.


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Lamps are all ready very expensive and time consuming to make.

I'd like to make a sugestion for the liners.

Instead of it taking 2 whole ingots of gold or silver to make one plate that becomes a liner for a lantern. How bout making an actual recipe for lamp liners.

one silver or gold plate and a set of shears in the crafting grid and the player gets 4 gold or silver liners to use when crafting lanterns.

of course the plate would no longer be usable as a liner as we would have actual foil or thin lamp liners to now craft with.

the over all expense of crafting lanterns in both time and respources is already pretty high. This would make crafting top tier lanterns a little more reasonable I think.


after thought. so recipe would be two step.

silver or gold plate set of shears in the crafting grid gets player 4 small plates of silver or gold which ever one was used.

small plate of silver or gold and a hammer in the crafting grid gets the player a foil lamp liner of the material used silver or gold.

small plates stack size 16

foil liners stack size say 32?

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There are a couple ways they did this in the the ancient past that we could follow.

The most likely way I see is the same way that was used on Roman coin. The precious metal would be hammered into a foil. The foil was paced over the coin and heated until it stuck to the coin. While still warm it would be hammered which would finish the metallurgical adhesion and create a layer that was very wear resistant. Over time they found other ways to make layer of precious metal thinner.

Cinnabar would be mined, heated up, and condense the vapor to extract the mercury from it. They would then mix it together with precious metal to create an amalgamation. This would have been thick like paint. They would then paint a thin layer over the object. Then they heated that up to evaporate the mercury leaving behind the precious metal in a dull coat that would then be lightly polished.

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So the more that I play the game the more I am really starting to see that this really needs some attention.

I dont have a problem with the rairity of silver and gold in fact if the player can find quartz you are almost assured to find at least some silver and or gold within it somwhere.

The problem I have is that you literialy have to mine massive amounts of quartz to obtain enough gold and or silver to produce liners. Its just not fun. a single gold ingot should be all one needs to supply at least 10 lamps with liners 2 ingots of the primary to make a lamp and 2 more that are not nearly as abundant in the world to increase its luminosity is not feasable.

Really would love to see a dedicated lamp liner recipie that is made from a single ingot of gold or silver that produces multiple liners for lamps. I really think a minimum number would be 4 to 6 liners per ingot would be a great start.

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Gotta say i wholeheartedly agree with you guys. 2ingots for a single lantern is allready quite a lot (normal lanterns aint use that much anyway but ok) but lining with a whole 2 ingots as well is clearly too much, just how heavy would that lantern be? a single ingot is enough for a whole hammer/axe head and those can allready be quite heavy. i kinda doubt that lanterns with over 10kg in weight are anywhere near realistic and realism is one of the main charm points of the game.

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5 hours ago, PAD said:

If we're going to use four ingots of metal to make a lantern, I want to at least be able to put it on a stick to use as a mace. :P

time to implement burn damg and a damg over time effekt 👍 then again i would prefer having my whole base lit up instead of my enemys.

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I think the recipe system would benefit greatly from a "small plate" of each metal. It could be used for smaller objects that really shouldn't take so much material. The large plates should be for forming expensive, high tier items like plate armor.

Perhaps I'll add a "small plate" to lazytweaks and swap it out for the lantern recipe.

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