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TpTools: make the creative teleporter craftable and usable in survival

Jorrit Tyberghein

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This is a very simple mod that makes the creative teleporter usable in survival. First it adds a crafting recipe:


To break a teleporter you can right click with a padlock.

You can download the 1.13 version of this mod from here: https://github.com/McJty/TpTools/releases/tag/0.2

You can download the 1.14 version of this mod from here: https://github.com/McJty/TpTools/releases/tag/0.3

Let me know what you think

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I'm a fan of this. This does seem really cheap though. Going with the lore I'd make it require more iron to make one. Maybe even silver or gold materials too. The padlock seems a strange use to move it considering that's primarily a server chest lock item. Maybe an iron tier pick to pick it up? What's your thinking on the padlock?

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6 hours ago, Jorrit Tyberghein said:

Hmm yes, making it require an iron plate is perhaps a better idea. I'll change that soon. The padlock is indeed a bit weird. I'm open to suggestions

Nod i think its too cheap cause why would i repair TLs now ill gladly pay a plate to get any TL especially on a multiplayer server it would need to be like 12 temp gears really along iron plates (5) and 12 metal parts and id still go for that.

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My thoughts, there is a mod that makes locust useful, they drop a filament that you can use to create an electric lamp, and to make it work you have to make a battery, witch has a nice recipe and makes sense for the device to work, so  instead of the plate use a battery as a component, weather is the one from that mod or a new one. 

A recipe to be able to craft those side gears would be nice as well, something like two gears and a shaft in an anvil and then combine it in the crafting gear. Those gears are very rare to find and it would make sense to be able to craft them at a cost ( each gear an iron ingot, same for the shaft ).

Also what is the final output of the recipe, one unit or a pair? if its only one maybe cheapen the recipe a bit with the temporal gears, like grinding them down to dust and getting maybe two or three dust or smaller gears.

Hope this helps a bit, I don't mind the grind as long as it does not become to excessive and frustrating, and all of us have seen the drop rate on those gears from the drifters.

Edit: to pick up the block a simple solution is always the best . . .just use a pic tier three or higher.

Thank you to all the modders that make the game more interesting.

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this sounds great. I want to give some feedback but I haven't used it yet. what I see here is interesting and I look forward to checking it out.

my biggest problem in this game has always been not being able to do much exploring due to limitations of travel terrain and inventory space to travel 15,000 blocks away for someothing that you can't really carry much of that you need lots of really sucks. being able to craft a teleporter will make this so so soo much less painful and more enjoyable. I was hoping they would make a craftable teleportation system in the vanilla game but I guess probably not. so this mod is a god send. thank you.


also this gets increasingly painful when you start getting to distances in the 100s of thousands of blocks away. to some people 15-20k blocks isn't that far but for me and the terrain I need to go through to get there is a pain.

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On 10/25/2020 at 9:21 AM, DArkHekRoMaNT said:

Thanks. Looks very good :D

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The teleporter interface only opens in creative. May be is it better to make a translocator structure recipe instead? Or it need a fix through Harmony.


How to open translocator interface in creative ?

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