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tony Liberatto

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The idea for this server is to offer a family safe and fun place to play VintageStory.
We now have 4 servers to attend to all tastes. They have different rules and content:

Default Darkagecraft: Moded PVE 



  1. This server is intended for experienced Vintage Story Players. If you have not played the game before please go to the Vanilla Server. 
  2. The server is a PVE, and we envision to build a community of friendly players that enjoy building Medieval theme structures.
  3. Please, no Sky Roads, No spaceships or Futuristic looking buildings.
  4. Please Place suggestions, discussions or questions in the Discord server Here
  5.  You are required to fill up a  Whitelist Applications Here.

Server address: darkagecraft.net

Discord : We have a Discord Server, Please make sure to create a Discord account or login before clicking on the invite Here

Server Rules:

  1. Be Polite and Courteous, no cussing, this is a family server and there are children around. Feel free to bring your children to the server.
  2. No hate talk of any kind. Sexism, racism, homophobic, 
  3. No Griffing, if it does not belong to you do not touch without permission. Griefers will be permanently banned and added to a public database.
  4. The server Theme is Medieval, hence the name DarkAgeCraft. Please be advised that Sky roads will be deleted, Do not build futuristic edifications. If in doubt discuss it in the Forum
  5. Mind the advice of Admins and Moderators, they are there to help you have a fun time on the server.
  6. The wiki has a survival guide page with 2 videos please watch those before playing on the server. It is very annoying to have new players asking in chat how to make fire, they will be ignored or told to look on the wiki. look here: Survival starter Guide.

Whitelist Application:

  1.  Vintage Story Player name:
  2. Are you an experienced Vintage Story Player?
  3. Age:  There is no limit on age, it is just a curiosity. 10 or 100
  4. Time Zone, If you prefer Country and or State.
  5. Do you agree to follow the server rules?



Server Specs:

The Server is hosted on a Dedicated server in Canada with this specs:

I5-2300 MHz 16GB Ram and 2TB Hard drive.

100Mbps Up and Down connection.

We are using Linux Ubuntu 18.04


The server is only used to host Vintage Story.


The Darkagecraft PVE Moded Server  at darkagecraft.net
The Darkagecraft Vanilla, with the latest stable game version  at darkagecraft.net:42423
The Darkagecraft Creative, again with the latest stable version at darkagecraft.net:42422
The Darkagecraft Dominions, a Moded PVP server at darkagecraft.net:42424


Please make sure to type your Vintage Story Username correctly, we will copy and paste it into the server. 

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Player name: Unclesid

Well i'll set up my application then, I don't see a pre-made application of what your looking for so i'll just make up my own i suppose.

I'm 24, a family friendly guy, and very much a lore based/Role play lover. I don't build sky bridges, or any of that nonsense. I stick to medieval buildings, and i love building stone temples. I like to be in a community that works together to form a village, and doesn't mind trading for resources.

I have experience with VS, and have played up to copper age. Generally i'm a farmer and a builder for the most part, but i don't mind being a metal smith or a miner.

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#metoo please

I already joined after setup but that was before the whitelist was set up

  • Vintage Story Player name: skol
  • Age: 100/2 - 1
  • boring old-fashioned IT-Professional from Germany
  • Do you agree to follow the server rules?: of course
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