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Crocks in Storage Vessels


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I am sure this was asked time and again, but the search function didn't come up with anything, neither did the wiki.

Do the storage bonuses for crocks and storage vessels add up? Do I gain any benefit from storing crocks with food in storage vessels?

For whatever reason placing crock pots alone or in fours in my cellar didn't display the right tool tip to check (the one displaying when the food will spoil).



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My understanding is that crocks in storage vessels and on shelves have the same overall spoilage timers. Placing crocks on the floor or a table, however, will spoil more quickly as they don't double dip the spoilage reduction like the first two methods.

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1 hour ago, Maelstrom said:

I don't think there's any additional benefit to putting crocks in a vessel.  I think their primary spoilage is determined by presence in a cellar and whether it is sealed.

There is.

Any storage container (chest, vessel, etc) or shelf will apply its decay rate modifier to the crock. This makes for the rather awkward situation of a crock on a table spoiling 4x as fast as a crock on a shelf, but it's how the game works currently.

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