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  1. Ah got it understood. Thank you for clearing that up for me. I forgot to check that.
  2. It is working on the weapon pack (from Mr1k3) just not on wires in temporal engineering (from Niker323) for me at the moment.
  3. I am not sure if another mod is blocking it but the wires mold acts like ingot molds. 1/3 smelter 100 units fill one mold with no extra, while standard molds, like the hammers, fill 100 units plus 10 remaining still. Where would I check for the entity class? Under the itemtypes, blocktypes, or recipes? nvm its burned value is "BlockToolMold"
  4. Is there a way to add molds to the skill perk such as the wire mold from temporal engineering or weapon pack?
  5. VS 1.14.7 creative wheel's have full durability. Nvm, I found that I was skipping a step and using the grindstone disc instead of the grindstone complete.
  6. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong here but all grindstones have 0/0 durability here at creation. Any attempt with any wheel will give a tiny bit of repair (2-5 dur) and break the wheel. Dived a bit into the configs and this seems to be what it SHOULD be but again I am getting 0's. durabilitybytype: { "*-granite": 250, "*-basalt": 450, "*-sandstone": 600, "*-obsidian": 1000 },
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