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[1.12+] Wild Goblins


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Hey all, this is currently my first VS mod so I hope you guys like it, i'll keep things short;


This mod adds a surface hostile humanoid mob to your game world, and as the title states, they are goblins.

they have the spawnrate of wolves, You will sometimes hear them breathing heavily nearby so approach cautiously.










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29 minutes ago, The_Lazy_Warlock said:

Very cool! I will have to check this out tonight :)

Do you have plans for bigger, badder goblins? Maybe small camps to raid and whatnot?

Camps would Be Awesome !!! 
Edit : Even more we can create a Whole mmorpg thing :D 

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Btw., random camps that are inhabited by goblins should be make-able without programming experience. There is a spawner block in the creative inventory for such thing. They can be used for continous or single spawn of creatures. A camp containing such spawner can be built in creative and then exported as a schematic. JSON Patching the file world/structures.json to append camp spawning should be the last step.

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The mod is cool and very well made, however as it is they hit too hard, 2 hits with leather armor on you are dead. They seam to spawn right where needed resources are and track the player from like 20 blocks away (tiss some some fantastic ai), is there a way to make them hit a little softer perhaps wolf or drifter level? or even reduce the player tracking distance or add an extra sound, just to give the player a little extra warning. 

Watching them swim is epic, you did some amazing work there.

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It works with v1.14? Also, the things that could be done with a mod like this is Numerous. camps and raiding parties, goblin created items, villages and goblin banners. I dunno, could create a whole goblin society, that has to eat and hunt and gives you something to compete again. If I could ever get the hand of coding or have the time that is something I would like to try.

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Is one allowed to pick up a mod and run with it or is that frowned upon? I am looking into the entity code and it doesn't look bad at all. Adding some flint tools to their drop tables would make them a good early game source of tools for some risk, as well as dropping some cooked meats or grains (as the code indicates they raid gardens). As for spawning in settlements I am not sure about that at the moment. But expanding the scope of the mod seems doable.

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Lord Dilbert hasn't really posted in a while. Or outside of this thread. I think as long as you give credit, make it clear that yours is a fork, and use a separate thread for it, people probably won't yell at you.

Anything that makes enemies more fun to encounter is welcome.

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I definitely want to add more biodiversity to the game, starting with little things that mimic current entities within the game to learn the API of VS and C# generally, for instance squirrels could behave similarly to vanilla rabbits. But that is besides the point.

Poking around the goblin code it seems they mimic wolves in many ways. It'd be a good learning tool for me and hopefully a contribution to the community. I'll check back in a couple weeks after the semester ends and my schedule opens up (stay at home father of 3, woooo)

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Following. Hope to hear more on this soon.

-Rare goblin camps in mountain areas under mountain overhangs and in caves would be fun.
-Add some stashed loot that they tuck away- gold and gems and such, and rarely weapons, clothing or other artifacts one might buy off a trader. 
-Have them wandering around at night around the area where their camp is located, hunting, and they return close to sunrise.  If you encounter them in the night one could try not to kill one and wait for sunrise, then track it back to it's camp.  They should wander around in shaded mountain overhangs and underground in caves at all hours though.
-More rare large camps/strongholds could have a goblin king/troll type warriors.
-Most use flint or stone weapons which they drop on death, but some stronger goblin warriors might carry and drop better weapons.  Maybe even light, crude armor. Could be an early source of crude armor and light weapons for new players.

Just some thoughts. ;)

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