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Need Corner Stairs.

tony Liberatto

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At this point, I think this is not a suggestion, it is more a discussion about how it should be implemented and how soon.

The soon is easy. Yesterday.

the how, can offer some different possibilities.

Sometimes it bothered me the automatic corner of Vanilla Minecraft.

In some situations, I wanted to do something different and had a hard time.

Maybe have different recipes for right and left side.

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I understand your point, is just that is very frustrating when you want it to go one way and it insists on going the wrong way. But right now I will settle for whatever comes.

Also I thought it would be easier to code in and so faster to add to the game.

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sadly chiseled blocks are not considered blocks when it comes to calculate rooms or charcoalpits. i can use slabs as the roof of a charcoalpit or room, but if i use a block that got chiseled it breaks the room/charcoalpit,

I accidently broke my charcoalpit doing chiseling nearby and a single pixel of the surrounding blocks got chiseled away. i did not notice it at that time. I tried to use it and it didn't work anymore later and had to completely rebuild it to find that 1 damn block responsible for it not working anymore.

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On 12/27/2020 at 1:05 AM, Streetwind said:

Can confirm, slabs work just fine for containing a charcoal pit... so long as their "full" block face is facing towards the inside.

That sounds like that's probably working ok then.  As long as they don't work with any 'void' facing into the pit.  Wasn't aware it was the case, but sounds fine.

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