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  1. Tired this with 1.15 pre2... When I died I spawned with all my gear and no death marker
  2. I like trot line decay and also a chance that your line could be snapped, losing your hook. Would give us the task of maintianing checking them Could possibly use similar code to the door that has a chance to break everytime you open it. Idk if that's a mod or vanilla.
  3. Does this work with 1.15 pre2?
  4. Hello, I'm new to vintage story and have playing a world on 1.14. I have a two fold question. -If I update to the 1.15 pre will my 1.14 world work, am I missing out on new world Gen such as new trees and flowers? -If I start a new world on 1.15 pre, will I be able to keep that once 1.15 full is released? Lastly, are any other world Gen things expected from 1.15 pre to full release? Thanks so much. This game is amazing and immersive!
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