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Philosophical: What are or could be drifters?

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i like this game, and beat many drifters.
But.... what are drifters?
The VS-wiki only says thats are "common humanoid monsters".

I personally find that they have some similarities to orangutans (monkey).
Maybe a little sloth in there.
Ok, booth animals are in reallife more peaceful.

But what you think?

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I Think they are lost souls of the world we now live in that were taken by the disease or blight we somtime find journal note discriptions for.

I think though that the ancients refer to  this as a disease affecting people but they dint really understand what was happening. the world we are in suffers from temporal instabilities and temporal storms. temporal is a referance for time so it is posible that the drifters are ancient peoples that are somhow out of sync with time having been ripped from there realities and somhow broken and diminished and we see them but only as fragments of there former  selves and still out of phase with our current reality. Decayed by living for so long but stuck never really alive or dead. If you could see us the player from there end of the time line it is posable that we would look like a drifter to them whitch is why they are hostile to the player. we appear as horible monsters invading there world that they cant understand. Just as to us they appear to be the  same.

If we could find a way to repair the temporal instabilities and heal the land perhapse we could restore them to there proper place in time and reality. 

Maybe WE ARE THE REAL DRIFTERS:)  Maybe it is us that is out of sync with most of the world that we inhabit.

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