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item despawning

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I'd like to know the answer to this question, too. Having a full pack just disappear when you're attacked in a mine is just insult to injury. Without the prospect of recovering my items, I don't want to go on very much.

Just seems senselessly difficult.

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Create a backup copy of the file, modify the original, save it, run modmaker.exe in the root directory, delete the changed file, and restore the original from the backup copy. You now have a mod that modifies this value that you can change anytime you wish without touching the base game files, can be enabled/disabled from within the game client, and prevents your changes from being overwritten whenever the game updates.

Be aware that setting this number too high can lead to large amounts of non-despawning items in the world, which will degrade your performance. Not recommended for multiplayer servers.


Also consider:

/worldconfig deathPunishment keep


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