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  1. They have. They may drop rusty gears, food, healing items and weapons. Updated to 1.0.1 and added a version for players without "xskills" installed.
  2. We are currently converting to tribal themed true rpg. Choose 1 of 2 tribes and help your tribe to rise to power. Either peacefully or through war. - No lone wolves anymore. All you do will be for the common good of your tribe.
  3. What about inversed corners, for build styles like this? Personally i do not think that glass fits to an grass building, maybe you could add some wooden/grass windows instead, like with crossed bars or so. We also noticed on our server, that the roofs look black on the world map instead of having the grass color.
  4. @ZigTheHedge Could you add an option into the mod config file to disable the more high-tech variant of the trade-o-mat? We like to go tribal on our server and the machine would not fit in, so i would like to disable the crafting recipe for the vending machine variant. The same goes for coins. Tribes do not use them. If you cant do this, i'll have to figure out something myself. Just asking.
  5. 'Conquest of Blocks' is converting to real rpg and a primitive tribal themed world. I will include this into our mod collection. Thanks for the work.
  6. Will add 3 different bandit mobs to the world that will attack players on sight. Can be easily avoided as long as the player does not attack, but will be a tough and fast encounter if in battle. Some of the current vanilla animal mobs, like wolves, will react to them - means there will be fights between bandits and wolves, hyenas etc. Injured bandit - Has a knife and is weak. Rare encounter. Bandit with axe - Does moderate damage and is fast if in battle. Bandit with sword - Does moderate damage, is fast and can even (sort of) dodge, if in battle. This mo
  7. The server has been wiped just now - join a fresh world and grab yourself the rarest materials before others do! Happy surviving on "Conquest of Blocks" !
  8. I like the mod, it provides some more atmosphere. But the sound is a bit cheap, in my humble opinion. I would wish for something with more "power" behind it.
  9. I think it was just when i was about to hit ground when coming from the air.
  10. Happened twice while i flew into the ground while in spectator mode, or maybe it was creative.
  11. NEXT SERVER WIPE will be on Friday, February 12. We will have a fresh seed with a world height of 640.
  12. I got reports that the mod will crash the client if you destroy blocks with cattail on them.
  13. We got this error whenever we try to destroy blocks with grass on it in 0.4.7 (maybe fixed in 0.4.8, have to try out) 29.1.2021 22:46:11 [Warning] Exception at client 80. Disconnecting client. 29.1.2021 22:46:11 [Event] Player VSo_Admin got removed. Reason: Threw an exception at the server 29.1.2021 22:46:11 [Error] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at XSkills.XSkillsGrassBehavior.GetDrops(IWorldAccessor world, BlockPos pos, IPlayer byPlayer, Single& dropChanceMultiplier, EnumHandling& handling) at Vintagestory.API.C
  14. These bugs do only happen with any version higher than 3.3.3. You must have changed something afterwards that may interfere with another mod, maybe Primitive Survival.
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