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  1. Will this work with the newest version as well? Could you update the patch with every new version if necessary and put the link beneath the others in the first post?
  2. This topic may be used by anyone that is looking for people that are interested to be part of an town/village and an community within a server world. =============================================================================================================================== So we are not looking for hermits here (although these are welcome on our server "Conquest of Blocks" as well). We got a very neat spawn town called "King's Landing", but since this one is claimed by the server to prevent the forces of evil from destroying our hard work (regular players are able to modify
  3. Hope you'll update the mod to be working with stable 1.14, since this is one of the most favourited mods on our server.
  4. Could you do a version without containers. I do not like to use container mods that may break one day and items stored inside will be lost.
  5. Seems not. Can't find the bridge parts in the creative inventory after installing on our server. And we are on stable 1.13.4
  6. I like that. Will add your mod later that day to our public server "Vintage Story Online: Conquest of Blocks".
  7. We tested it and it only changes the recipe, not the number of slots. I've now created our own backpack, but thanks for the inspiration anyway.
  8. That iron backpack.. does it work without the use of the other mods like the changing of the other backpacks? We would like to use the iron backpack only in addition to the vanilla ones.
  9. We where as well using "Useful-Scrap". I disabled both, now it's working fine again. Main log does not show anything related to the mod anymore since the content gets deleted regularly by default and contains only stuff after uninstall of the mod. But i guess i just figured the problem. I was using the 2.2.0 version of the mod together with stable 1.13.4 - i guess i should have used version 1.2.0 instead.
  10. We are using this mod on our server "Conquest of Blocks" and my players reported a problem with barrels, which can't be used probably to make food last longer anymore (salt + meat) nor be sealed anymore since we added this mod. Please try to fix this.
  11. Still featured on our medival rpg server "Conquest of Blocks" and we love it, BUT it crashes again like the last time. You need to update your mod more frequently. Please fix it. We like to continue to use it.
  12. My players tried out the mailbox, but as soon as they send an item, the server will disconnect them with an "threw exception on the server" message. Not usable.
  13. This mod is now featured on our server "[EU] Conquest of Blocks" - www.vintagestory.online
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