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QPTECH v1.51 Now with carrying capacity!


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1.5.1 Minor Update - adds support for Carrying Capacity and I added the Russian language file from Zig thanks Zig!

1.5 Is now available! This is a fairly major update, especially in the background! I've introduced fluid and power networks which vastly streamline how they function. Also have removed the QPTECHAPI requirement.


1.5 Changelog (* devices are only available in creative right now)

  • QPTECHAPI no longer used or needed (will be ignored)
  • much improved power networks, connected devices form networks share storage/generation/usage as a single network
  • fixed device powering on/off
  • disabled animations to preven major crash
  • added Fluid networks to more smoothly move fluids thru pipes
  • a pipe on side or bottom will take fluid out of a network
  • only pipe on top of fluid tank will input into tank
  • barrel filling
    • pipes over barrels will fill them (if possible)
    • will stop filling if a valid sealable recipe is present
    • will also drain from bottom if barrel cannot be sealed or if it's not sealed
  • LV Punching Machine - plates->drilled plates
  • *MV Lathe - cold ingots -> rods
  • new machine types/industrial processes:
    • *MV Heater - supplies 2000 units of heat if powered (needs electricity)
    • *MV Crusher - supplies crushing power (needs electricity)
    • *Boiler- provides steam (requires heat + water)
    • *Turbine - provides torque (NOT related to the mechanical power system...yet)
    • *MV Generator - provides power from torque (from the turbine NOT related to mechanical power system)
  • irrigation pipes tweaked to use new fluid network
  • added items:
    • braided copper wire
    • cable
    • cracked rubber crucible
    • steel screws, steel bolts, steel rings
    • MV Stator, MV Rotor, MV Motor
  • MV Sheet Roller - metal plates-> metal sheets
  • *MV Wiremill - metal sheets-> metal wire

- fluid tanks, fluid pipes, pipe wrench
- crop irrigation, barrel filling & draining
- sliding doors
- also check out the new youtube channel which includes a bunch of tutorials!

- adds a multi-block water tower, electric kiln, and electric log splitter, in addition to lots of tweaks and fixes
- also check out the new youtube channel which includes a bunch of tutorials!


Version 1.2.1-pre.2
Hot fix so the screw press doesn't require heated rods

Version 1.2.1-pre.1

Rebalancing release:

- cheaper crafting recipes in general
- improved machine output flow (eg: 2 ingots into press, yields plate, which can be fed into the rod machine to yield 5 rods, each
rod can yield 12 screws in screw press, so you can now get 30 screws from an ingot)
- preview builds of the motor and generator - electrical and mechanical power together! Please test in creative and provide feedback in the discord!
     Motor - electricity to mechanical power
     Generator - mechanical power to electricity - no you can't hook a motor to a generator and have them power each other :D
     Thanks to Novocain for making the models, and getting the code working!
     (one issue is on load the generator would have to be re-placed, i'm sure there are many other issues that will pop up!)
- better descriptive text in many places
- pipe bending machine - 2 plates yields 3 chute sections
- batteries, junctions, and wires can handle a lot more power
- new junction graphics, thanks Andy!

  • - you can now make bronze plates in the plate press-
  • tin wire is being deprecated, you can now use copper in all the machines


QPTECH 1.1.5 Is out!
Version 1.1.5 - tweaks and balancing
- cheaper recipes in some cases - 2x motors now require single motors.
- metal plate press can now make bronze plates
- added bronze wire pull plate (needs a quick fix)
- increased Kitchen Cabinet storage to 20, also increased wood cost
- copper wire now usable for wireplates (will probably phase out tin wire)

Go grab yourself some electricity! Also now requires the initial release to the QPTECH API for integrating electricity and other things in the future.

- you can now run wireplates and batteries on top of your devices to power them
- added the electric kiln to fire your raw clay items

Presenting QPTECH 1.1 the LV update
1.1 additions:
- Electricity: basic power generation and several handy devices
- Clayformer: produces unfired clay goods from raw clay
- Metal Press: produces metal plates and other items from heated ingots (softer metals only at this tech level)
- Macerator: chews up ore chunks to yield more ore as well as processing other materials
- Wash Plant: a second layer of processing, pass thru sand, gravel, other items (more to come soon) with a chance of gaining other items such as clay, ore nuggets etc
Electric Forge: limited but useful 2 slot forge that heats ingots and metal pieces with electricity, no ignition required!
- includes the original automated firepit parts, cabinetry, cast iron stoves, and the icebox.

Link to Discord

Moddb link





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  • QPTech changed the title to QPTECH v1.02 (Automated Firepits + New Cast Iron Oven with 10% faster cooking)
58 minutes ago, Szuminil77 said:

you should ad to iron stove guis 4 cooking pot slots and 4 outpout cooking pot slots to cook 4 meals at once that would be great. 🙂

That would required a lot of changes in the background, so maybe when i'm more experienced and comfortable :)


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On 3/23/2021 at 9:55 AM, Szuminil77 said:

you should ad to iron stove guis 4 cooking pot slots and 4 outpout cooking pot slots to cook 4 meals at once that would be great. 🙂

I'll take a look later today just finishing off the sink but atm Quentin Preik is playing around with his new toy ;) so I'll try to do it but I can't promise anything yet :) 

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7 minutes ago, Misterandydandy said:

It was fixed in the new updated Xskills have you tried using?

-Placing modded firepits will no longer crash the game. 

I just saw the "does not play nice" notice on the page. Will happily try it now, thank you! 

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@Quentin Preik Hi! Items from your mod can't find with Survival Handbook Categories using "@modid" search. To fix it, rename the folder in the mod archive to modid, and make modid lowercase. I fix it and check, now it works. When you play game with mods not in English it's hard to find items without Survivalcats.


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