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  1. I would like to use your mode with glass chiseling mod so I can duplicate this. thank you
  2. Thats what I sm doing. Nothing happens Ok it appears I need to click on the base of the post. That wasn't clear to me.
  3. Do lamp posts work? I am rmc on post with lantern and it won't connect
  4. Ok I found ruins that have parts and torches from your mod and it has a locust nest in it. Are there supposed to be locust coming out because none are spawning
  5. Maybe I missed it on here. I cant get the unlearn button to give skill points back. Ok I found it on page 2. You should have the need points and mead thing to the first page. Not sure why the modders post stuff in the forum replies but never updates the first page. Makes it very hard to find stuff
  6. You misunderstood. I use the mod as it is. If I had to use my temporal gears to make dust to use this mod as Digit suggests. I wouldn't use it. Matter of opinion. Since modder won't do it. Its a mute point
  7. I agree with the modder. No changes needed. I hsve a very large house and used this mod to make blocks for my floor. I just made them and night. It doesn't take that long. If I had to do this temperal dust. I wouldn't use the mod. Thank you for making it. Where's my coffee. Lol
  8. scoring? how do you do it? There isnt anything with the word scoring on this forum topic but this reported bug.
  9. What number changes the sluice efficiency? Default is 1
  10. did making the iron anvil work? I tried making one and put three iron on my anvil before I realized the hammer wasn't changing anything
  11. I have a mod that lets helve hammers make everything and I dont get any recovery bits.
  12. Adding the hopper over the ramp cuts off the water. Does it matter my water flow is only two blocks?
  13. Awh i was hoping the wall mounts would look the same as the floor. Thank you for the updates
  14. Now we are talking! I thought they were. Why leave a torch by a tree resin when it takes more than two days to respawn. They'd be out. It might be scary to get resin at night. Lol
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