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  • Mr1k3 changed the title to Temporal Tinkerer-new tools and armor

2.2.6 changes:

  • Tweaked trader buy/sell values for several items to be a little more balanced
  • Increased cost of all temporal armors, turns out I missed the mark I wanted to hit with the recipes so now they should actually be end/lategame only (more steel/ancient plating and combat armor now takes steel plate armor in recipe).
  • Turns out making an item that removes the need to eat in a game that focuses primarily on food destroys the purpose of most of the game, with this in mind the stasis pack now only reduces hunger drain by 50%, on a positive note it now slows you down 5% less and only cuts healing effectiveness down by 50%, still a very strong item.
  • Made the accelerator boots faster by 25% but now they make your hunger drain 35% faster, this is to emphasize use of them with the stasis pack, the increase is really not so bad when you compare it to standard plate armor.
  • Combat helmet and legs now give a +5% to hunger rate now +25% overall for full set of combat armor/forcefield, however the combat leggings now give +5% more movement speed for a total of +20%, so they now cancel out the slow from the helm and chest.
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-updated russian translations thanks to ZigTheHedge, and Jay_!

-slight buffs to drill and glove durability

-trying to at least somewhat bring the armor sets to some resemblance of vanilla stuff and reduce power creep:

utility armor-

speed boots now double hunger rate, now mixed with stasis pack you have +55% hunger drain because my idea of nullifying all the negatives was too crazy
stasis pack provides 25% protection but now slows ranged weapons by 20%
buffed protection of ranged helmet to 90% but now has a tiny hunger and speed penalty

Combat armor-

pretty minor stat adjustments to all values, should be practical enough to wear around all the time with lower penalties, protection values unchanged.

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