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  1. Currently it's impossible to place elbow chutes sideways, use 3 way chute instead (yes, it costs an additional ingot, but there is no other way). Use Archimedes screw to transport items from bottom to top
  2. Feature to use 9 full stacks of items in the crafting grid allows you to use more compact recipes, like: x64 x64 x64 x64 x64 x64 x64 x64 x64 = x1 item I disagree with the recipes above. I'm believing into uselessness of these recipes, since the balance of this game is completely different than minecraft. Also this topic most suitable for Mod Development category, because the developers didn't say what they were planning electricity. Btw, I'm reading a lot about the production of aluminum now, this is a very complex process (Bayer process + Hall–Héroult process), because even for such a simple thing, you need to add a lot of multiblocks, which sooner or later will definitely should to be added (I'm only talking about a hypothetical tech mod). For example, an electrolyzer is a useful thing even without aluminum. Luckily, all the necessary materials are already in the game (but there is no ore for soda etc., some materials could be gained through "ore washing machine" or in a more immersive way with more chemical formulas and mooore multiblocks)
  3. /worldconfig allowUndergroundFarming true Wiki has this command and is very hard to miss. https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=List_of_server_commands
  4. Found another way. If your mouse has its own software, you can bind additional buttons (if you can't bind them in-game) to Num-1 and Num-2 for example then bind them to any what you want. I did this for my A4Tech mouse. In other games, I can bind it without problems. Ie this is the only game where I need to do it
  5. There are countertops and cabinets in the QPTech mod
  6. I think this is due to the fact that it's more immersive and convenient way. Also sooner or later developers want to completely get rid of the crafting grid (look at the roadmap)
  7. How to do this with A4Tech mouses for example?
  8. 1.3.1 version Can't pin waypoint with, for example ".wp pin copper" command. Pin just doesn't work
  9. Any other mods? If you also use "Slate-On-A-Shingle!" mod this can be a problem
  10. Which version are you using? I fixed it in the last version
  11. I'm trying to add Flower Dance song with Maestro, but it turns into a creepy mash
  12. At least allow to increase amount of those slots
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