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Knock-knock! Who's there? The Neighbours! [0.4.10]


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They seek, they roam, they are hungry.

Be prepared to meet your new neighbours from parallel plane, but don't expect the warm welcome. Why are these strange beings here for? Are they eager to capture the land? Or maybe they are just lost? The one thing that is known - they are vile and tough. So, be very careful when dealing with your new neighbours.

The mod adds five fantasy entities to make your survival harder and more interesting.
Use the file TheNeighboursConfig.json in your VintagestoryData/ModConfig folder to disable monsters which are too scary for your gameplay. File generates automatically after the first game run.



Tall slow bipedal with huge horn-like outgrowths. It seems that he has no eyes, but he doesn't need it to catch its prey.


Height: 3.2

Width: 1.2

Health points: 40

Attack Strength: 12

Attack Tier: 3







Small sharp-tailed insect with a pair of cute eyes which are glows in the dark. The fastest creature of them all and the most dangerous. Can kill you on sight, or run away from you if it feel danger.


Height: 0.7

Width: 1.8

Health points: 40

Attack Strength: 8

Attack Tier: 3







This cold-blooded reptile isn't aggressive. Of course, if left alone. Otherwise, you can check a sharpness of its teeth.


Height: 0.5

Width: 1.6

Health points: 30

Attack Strength: 6

Attack Tier: 2







This one looks like usual Turtle. And it prefers to stay in water all the time. Doesn't like to be chased, so, it's kinda challenge to catch one if you urgently want to eat something unusual.


Height: 0.4

Width: 0.8

Health points: 30









This mushroom glows in a darkness, emitting blueish particles and making strange sounds. Effects beside this is currently unknown.














The only being, which appear with its family. Ampel females are larger than males and more aggressive. Children however are calm and friendly most of time as long as you're leaving them alone. Ampels are natural enemies to wolves, so if you're lucky enough, you can watch that deadly battle and stay alive... before winner decide to pursue his next victim.  

Parameters (male/female/child):

Height: 1.3/1.5/0.9

Width: 0.9/1.0/0.6

Health points: 40/50/20







And a something special for collectors :)



That's it for now. Keep your eyes open not to miss any updates on this! And I didn't reveal all the secrets ;)


Latest release (1.15.2):


(forum doesn't allow me to upload this version directly, so, it's located at my website for now)





- Possibly fixed the crash when touching Glowshrooms



- Compatibility fixes for 1.15-pre.1

- Fixed incorrect texturing of Ampels


- Added Ampel family with corresponding rare drop (and a usage for it ;)

- Added Mob Pedestals for all vanilla "monsters" and all the Neighbours as well. Chance to get one is really tiny (1%).


- Added Reptile Skin Armor (pretty cheap craft, but low durability/protection)

- Shintorickae no longer leaves a corpse after death (it shouldn't)

- Glowshroom can now be held by left hand

- Glowshroom now acts like a tiny trampoline (just like a bed is)


- Added config file which allows to disable certain mod content

- Sound radius of Glowshrooms has been lowered at half (now 16 blocks).




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Cold you add a config like in zeekea that enables us to choose the content we like to have on the server? e.g. i like the mushrooms, tickling and shintorickae, but dont want the other 2 animals. Edit: I believe that the radius of the mushroom plop sound should be lowered.

Edited by Kai Effelsberg
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Do Ticklings always travel in pairs or is my spawn generation just weird? 
Seriously though, cockroaches with glowing human eyes is some scary stuff. Nothing else in the game has eyes that actually look sorta human, so watching those come at me with intent is both cartoonish and bugs me out. It doesn't help that they're really fast. 

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  • ZigTheHedge changed the title to Knock-knock! Who's there? The Neighbours! [0.4.5-B]

So, I love this mod but those Shintorikae guys attack me through some walls and all fences, they murdered all of my chickens... And the ticklings spawn rate is way too high, having to kill 3 or 4 every time I walk outside, multiple times a day is too much. Everything has too high of a spawn rate really compared to everything else. With the combat improvements to the game not in place yet, it's just too much to deal with.

Like I said, I love love love this mod, but the spawn rates, and things just camping my house literally all day makes it unplayable =(

also... ugh, a whole flock of chickens just shredded through the fence by those shintorkae guys... tooks me hours to get them

Edited by Avos Cast
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Is it even possible to chase the Shintorickae if they decide to start fleeing you? Even when I do somehow manage to trap and kill them, the reward never feels worth it. They're just... kind of a nuisance that make me super paranoid when walking through bushes or around hills.

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No, I tried to take both mobs out by editing the folders in the mod with them but it just killed my world. *sigh*


 The mobs are a bit too overpowered for something that spawns at all hours, are super hard to kill, hostile.. and can out run you completely. it takes me 2 to 3 spears to kill one of those ticks.. they constantly spawn... every day.

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Hardcore combat with what benefits? Because there's little pleasure in this game's combat, so when I spent literally 3 minutes chasing a bug that can 2-shot me and I finally kill it, I get nothing but a sense of disappointment, especially knowing the buggers will just respawn in the same area. 

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11 minutes ago, l33tmaan said:

Hardcore combat with what benefits?

With a given possibility to really survive of course! To think about possible wall-defenses, traps, to lighten your backyard, to craft armor, and to choose the weapon wisely. To build strong and tall fences to protect your animals. To make the game interesting for those who seek this kind of play-style. Because you actually don't need any armor or weapon to fight against weak and stupid drifters and wolves.

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I guess... the game seems a bit underdeveloped for that at the moment, though. I could do all of that, or I could move 100 blocks away and never have to deal with them because they just spawn in and randomly move around the same area for a while. Like, I want to do that, but it seems like a self-imposed challenge instead of anything that arises naturally from gameplay. I could do all that stuff you described, or I could jump into the 10x10 pond next to my house and kill anything I want with a dozen flint spears and achieve the same result. 😖
I think these cool enemies are too advanced for the game's current state, is all. Like, ticklers aren't going to formulate plans to attack my base or anything, they're just going to randomly spawn somewhere and stand around until I get too close to them.

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