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  1. The katanas also don't fit into the tool rack at all; would be nice to display them all side by side.
  2. Kinda agree. A bit underpriced for what is available, I've bought 5 keys to balance it out somewhat
  3. I think the slowdown might do well here, will apply the update at earliest convenience. Like I said earlier the problem lies in how juicy vanilla sand and gravel blocks are and usually you have to wait for the panning process which sorta balances it out; but its not hard to get sand and nearly instant processing really speeds it up. This was a pic from one of my players. You did the right thing by adding a slowdown. Panning should be a supplementary source of copper;not the main supply.
  4. Just to add to above, some of the players on my server have gotten to try this out and most do agree that its extremely efficient. The hopper to feed it requires copper plates which is good in terms of progression, but using one of these for just a short while can let you skip right to bronze age with tin and copper being available as panning loot. Assuming you can get your hands on 3 copper plates or just ask to use it from another player.
  5. Love the sluice, its great. Panning was always rather dull and this turns it into more of a sorting activity(moving chests around, sorting items from trash). Small problem is the contents of the soils itself, which is definitely not your fault but vanilla. I have a feeling that you can churn out much more copper using this method than actually prospecting, So I propose a tiered sluice block that scales in durability and maybe even limits the rarity of the items that you can find. For example using an iron or steel mesh would let you retrieve delicate items from the sluice such as jewelry and g
  6. Suggestion for Woodcutting skill tree: an ability that lets you place a whole block of firewood down at once(32 firewood logs). Would make firing charcoal much quicker process instead of stacking all of it.
  7. Pretty nice mod. Shame there is no way to actually forge the tier 8 katanas in survival as of yet. Its nice to see any kind of weapons or armors using some of the currently useless vanilla metals, just like this mod does. Would you consider making a compatibility with the Necessaries mod for use with the grindstone?
  8. Also, I can confirm compatibility with the neighbors mod, not sure if intended but capturing shints and ticklings certainly works very well. Great for my arena in progress, looks more like a zoo now.
  9. What is the ingame function of vinegar? Used for preserving stuff?
  10. I have a player experiencing a crash anytime they try to view recipes for turnips. Crashlog attached; seems to be related to the cages. I can view turnip recipes just fine on my client; however, the player can reproduce the crash almost every time by doing this. We are also running the farm life mod, and your compatibilitylib as well. Ive attached modlist just in case you find it pertinent. crashlog1.txt Modlist.txt
  11. On the other hand, big builds in survival are possible now without the having to go through massive amounts of self flagellation. Who really enjoys quarrying for hours on end just to run out of bricks when you get half way around the perimeter of your cool tower thats in progress? This mod makes it feasible for a lone person to undertake much larger stone projects without getting bored, in my opinion. Simply make the chisels and plugs have less durability and you can increase the amount of metal investment required; but the whole point of the mod is to cut down on the time invested by investin
  12. Simply configure it to the minimum size of your base. The blocks it destroys is usually like not bigger than a 5x5x5 area(or so). I would also turn down the frequency, due to receiving way more uranium in the span of a couple days than I think is healthy. Chasing the meteors and having more ores above ground is very nice.
  13. Thanks for the quick response. I was just wondering why you cant get a piece of pemmican off the block with a knife, or why it uses up the rock in the recipe. Is there any particular reason for this or is it just an oversight? Loving the mod so far, fantastic work.
  14. Yeah, I dont think the mod caused that. Its running just fine on my server, i just got enough metals for the generator and capacitor and its happily storing power. The wrench is just used to change the direction from which the capacitor blocks are receiving power, I believe.
  15. Thank you so much for your fast responses. I will update the server at earliest convenience. Fantastic work all around.
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