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  1. Turns out I have more than I thought. We do have some the same though.
  2. I am not having a problem with single player and this mod. Perhaps we should compare our other mods. I only have two screens of them
  3. Have you thought of having acorns as food for pigs?
  4. Both sage and mint stop growing in winter, at least they do here, and I have only seen snow on the ground once in the last 40 years. I live at about 32 degrees south of the equator
  5. Thank you, herbs now go in the pot and cook. It is mid winter in my current game, snow on the ground but the herbs are still growing to harvest stage.
  6. I have the same problem, the herbs wont go in the plot
  7. I second this. Also will you be adding a White Potash version of the compound fertilizer?
  8. I thought Exploration mode meant that you would not be attacked by animals. I am getting old and I can't hit the broadside of a barn with the in game weapons when I am standing right next to it. The animals move way to fast for me. Also should the sheep be attacking me because I just killed a pig? They came out of nowhere.
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