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  1. Thanks so very much for this excellent mod... and for adding Carry Capacity support on top of it Wish List: add support for the "More Variants" mod by DArkHekRoMaNT please please pretty please?
  2. Great! now I have to go find another locust nest! The only one I found so far, I panicked a little (a lot) and killed / destroyed everything that looked at me funny or twitched. ... seriously though, thanks for the mod
  3. Figured it out. This works for me, meaning the recipe. If any one else wants to use it/change it etc ... [ { ingredientPattern: "FFF FFF FFF", ingredients: { "F": { type: "item", code: "game:stone-*", name: "rock", allowedVariants: ["obsidian", "andesite", "chalk", "chert", "conglomerate", "limestone", "claystone", "granite", "sandstone", "shale", "basalt", "peridotite", "phyllite", "slate"] } }, width: 3, height: 3, output: { type: "block", code: "game:rock-{rock}", quantity: 1 } }, { ingredientPattern: "F", ing
  4. I am trying to write my first and maybe only mod. Where I can take 9 (3x3) small stones of the same type eg granite to produce a matching granite block. I would like to have this be an all-in-one mod, ie it can handle all the variants and produce the correct block. Maybe there has to be one recipe per stone variant? Can this, custom recipes like this, even be done? Thanks in advance
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