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  1. I'm not sure if it was a low key joke, but I still laughed as I interpreted this as "use the wrench on your screen to rotate it" given it was in response to a picture rather than a screenshot.
  2. The point of torch holders is to make normal torches not expire/burn out. Temporal and electric torches do not burn out by default. I guess maybe a future enhancement for aesthetics? It has no purpose to allow that otherwise.
  3. Thank you for adding configurable XP formulas/values at some point - it did feel a bit slow in Combat personally for my multiplayer group as well, but that is easily fixable, and highly subjective. I'm glad you give us the tools to fix this Minor feedback/enhancement request: is it possible to add Reeds and Grass (for dry grass) to the list of plants affected by the Farming\Gatherer perk? The mushrooms/berries only seems a bit underwhelming in comparison. I saw there was the bare bones of a Husbandry file so maybe that's something you're saving for later. Separately, I'm looking at an issue where Beekeeper does not give additional honeycomb on breaking in multiplayer (maxed out still only gives 3). But this is likely due to a conflict with Stackables replacing some info on the Skep, specifically maxstacksize, to allow stacking - no other mods installed reference or have jsons modifying skeps currently (at least on an extract and find in file via Notepad++). Still playing with it, but it's not a major issue. Also minor, but I did notice while troubleshooting the above, that alternate language translations (e.g nl.json, fr.json, es,json) have "abilitydesc-beemaster": "Breaking harvestable skeps will give you the skep back.", and that may need an update to correspond to the en.json: "abilitydesc-beemaster": "You can harvest skeps with right click without breaking them.",. If you have a GitHub or other method you use to track these I'd be happy to add these as separate items there as well.
  4. You will have to change some config options in order to get results from meteorite drops. Review the original post for specifics.
  5. If you have problems after adding it to an existing world, does the following command assist in fixing them? https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=List_of_server_commands#.2Ffixmapping /fixmapping applyall My understanding is that this is used for between-version updates, but could also fix mapping issues from mods as well. Edit: Tried it on my own singleplayer world and it didn't seem to do anything. Will play around with this a bit later, as I'd be interested in eventually adding this to an existing MP server.
  6. Minor feedback/enhancement request for troughs - would it be possible to allow shift clicking food into them 5 at a time, similar to Bloomeries?
  7. .7z is a 7Zip file. 7Zip is a free, open source, and generally preferred alternative to the native Windows zip file manager and WinRAR.
  8. Personally I use Primitive Survival alongside XSkills and XLib with no issue on a server, along with a handful of other mods on 1.14.5. The Vinegar mod appears to be last updated for 1.13.4, while your crash report indicates 1.14.2. I would recommend going through your mod list to ensure they are updated to at least the current major version of the game (1.14.x) before trying to play with them, and disabling this or any other pre-1.14 mods to confirm which causes the behavior.
  9. Got it - thank you! I'm still poking around at deciding what sort of mods I want to make, and figured this may be good as an example to figure out the APIs. Love the potential that XSkills/XLib adds to it so far!
  10. I've been looking into this mod a bit and wanted to know - does it currently support the ability to check worn armor types? Digging around the XML I see options to check DamageSource as well as the amount. Wanting to add in an armor skill (or set of skills - depending on the armor type) and perks that could be specialized to improving light/heavy armor, or even no armor, but wasn't sure if it was possible just yet.
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