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  • Tyron

    Smelting (v1.2.4)

    By Tyron, in News,

    Metallurgic Vintarians
    Version 1.2.4 is now available for download in the account manager.

    Dearest Community, I hope you all had a great christmas! 
    In the meantime we completed the basic smelting system as well as everything around it for it to make sense in a survival game world. Currently you can only make use of copper ingots. A lot of features were needed to support it in a meaningful way which took away most of the dev time, so it is not very feature rich just yet.


    • Feature: Basic Smelting
      • Can now use Firepits and Stoves to turn fuel + ore into metal ingots. 
      • Can now craft copper tools from copper ingots (same recipes as for stone tools)
      • Can now construct firepits by shift+right clicking on the ground with 1 dry grass and 3 fire wood
      • Can now craft fire wood from log + axe (above in the crafting grid)
      • Can now gather dry grass from breaking tall grass with a knife
      • Can now craft a knife from stick + flint (above in the crafting grid)
      • Flint now spawn naturally on the ground amongst other patches of loose stone
    • Feature: Better item and block tooltip
      • Added smelting and burn temperature information
      • Added nutrient information
      • Removed debug infos (can be made visible again using the command .edi)
    • Feature: Game optimizations
      • Switched from Gzip to Deflate, saving on CRC calculations and memory. Saves ~2-4% CPU on server+client
      • Added a fast random generator to Deposit and Cave generation. Saves ~4-6% CPU on server
      • Cache a single value in terrain tesselation: Saves ~1% CPU on client
    • Feature: Automatic World Save File Upgrader
      • The compression optimization broke compatibility with pre 1.2.4 world save file formats, but VintageStory will now automatically probe what version a world save file was created with and upgrade the save file format on world startup.
    • Feature: Worldgen updates
      • Feature: Added single-block rivers to world generation. They generate on rocky faces over- and underground.
      • Tweak: Less dense patches of tallgrass
      • Tweak: No more grass under under lakes, should also allow gravel and sand in the right climates
    • New Modding Features:
      • Items can now also have any kind of shape that can be created with the VSModelCreator (example: Firewood)
      • Custom Item Types are now possible (example: Firewood, Dry grass, Stones)
      • Crafting recipes can require a tool without consuming the tool completely (example: Firewood)
      • Blocks can now be made edible (example: Mushroom)
      • New Event for Blocks and Items: OnUseItem
      • MarkBlockDirty/MarkBlockEntityDirty/MarkBlockUpdated Methods in IBlockAccessor for more precise control on what kind of updates a block should receive.
    • Feature: Added Item ID Remapper. Prevents adding/removing items to the game messing up your current items in old worlds.
    • Feature: Can now place loose stones on the ground by Shift+Right click on the ground with a stone
    • Feature: Mushrooms are now edible too (not very healthy, but might keep you from starving)
    • Feature: Added bamboo hay block
    • Feature: Added Ingots (item only at the moment)
    • Graphics Tweaks:
      • Many item and block graphics improved
      • Added dithering to night sky (reduces color banding)
      • Night fog no longer weirdly purplish
      • Increased overal scene contracts
    • Fixed: Dropped Items reappearing (but disappearing on collection) in certain cases
    • Fixed: A bunch of crashes that I observed for the first time
    • Fixed: Berry bushes not regrowing berries when placed by world generation






    Hunger (v1.2.3)

    By Tyron, in News,

    Hungry Vintarians!
    Version 1.2.3 is now available for download in the account manager.

    I've had little to no time for most of the week due to real life errands, but I did manage to cram in a few tasty new features in the 2 extra days of delayed release. I've also aquired a few more talented hands for drawing item textures and illustrations for our first story page that we can release to the public still this year I hope.


    • Feature: New Blocks
      • Added carpets with 6 variants
      • Added new 3 new variants for linen cloth
    • Feature: New Items
      • Bread, various Berries and Vegetables. Can be eaten.
      • Flint, Flax, Feather, Arrow and Twine. Currently no use yet.
    • Feature: Hunger! 
      • The green status bar now acts as a saturation indicator. Once your saturation runs out, you will receive damage every few seconds until you die. 
      • Can now eat items to regain saturation and health. All new food items can be eaten
      • Can now harvest berries from the berry bushes that spawn naturally in the world
      • Berry Bushes now slowly regrow berries (every 40mins)
    • Feature: Added new "Fast graphics" option that turns off drawing various parts of the leave blocks
    • Tweak: More messing around with distant tree and transparent rendering. Should now hopefully look right.
    • Tweak: Command issued from console are now also Logged
    • Tweak: More flexible handling of BlockEntities, can now be individually configured per block instead of being bound to the Block class.
    • Fixed: Client crashing instead of displaying error when attempting to connect to a server with a different version.
    • Fixed: Fixed last severe bug known to me: Black chunks after reloading a world
    • Fixed: Visible seams between snow layer and frosted grass
    • Fixed: Yet another attempt of fixing invisible mouse pointer bug in the menu. Maybe now for the last time.
    • Fixed: API call to SetBlock should now also generates any associated BlockEntity

    2016-12-18_10-47-17.png 2016-12-18_10-48-20.png



    Clay, Stones and Ice (v1.2.2)

    By Tyron, in News,

    Fidelitous Vintarians!
    We've continued refining the game.  Version 1.2.2 is now available for download in the account manager.

    Despite all my efforts in trying to push survival gameplay I somehow inadvertently ended up doing more of a graphics and detailing update. Le Sigh. Nonetheless we do have some survival updates. Loose stone now generate all over the world to make it easier to collect stones in early survival, peat and clay deposits now generate the surface, the latter being essential for smelting and required for various recipes. I've also continued working on the smelting system, which is now coming close to completion.


    • Feature: New blocks
      • Grass Covered Clay and Peat
      • Raw and Burned Vessel for holding up to 4 items
      • Loose Stones
    • Feature: New items
      • Pile of Blue/Fire Clay
      • Peat Brick
    • Feature: Several graphics updates
      • Much more elegant block selection highlight. Now perfectly placed on top of the block and anti aliased.
      • Can now define how block sides should be merged and ambient occluded for each block face. This allows for better rendering of glass, ice, leaves, slabs and similar blocks
      • Can now define what blocks should always be drawn on top of others, allowing for e.g. leaves always be drawn on top of any adjacent blocks. Makes leaves look way better when adjacent to solid blocks, as those sides can now be drawn as well. Also eliminates several sources of Z-Fighting (flickering of textures)
      • The Weighted Blended Order Independent Transparency system should now more correctly mix together half transparent blocks, particles and clouds 
    • Feature: More Worldgen updates
      • Added Clay and Peat deposits to the surface. Added ability to place deposits depending on climate.
      • Ice lakes now generate naturally
      • Very tall grass now varies in height randomly 
      • Loose stones now spawn all over the surface, making it easier to gather stones in early survival. Added ability for the block patch generator to place blocks based upon the underlying rock type.
      • The tall pillar landforms are now not as tall and stepped, making look like the pillar mountains in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
      • The humongous mountains landform now sometimes have very large caverns in them
      • Slightly cooled down the planet ;-)
      • Fixed: Sand and Gravel longer mixing vertically in strange ways
      • Other minor tweaks to some landforms
    • Feature: Can now place lanterns and torches on top of fences
    • Feature: 3 more crafting recipes for cobble stone, cobble stairs and cobble slabs (requires stones and clay as ingredients)
    • Feature: Added GearTwos updated server.sh script with 2 new features: backup and update
    • Tweak: Water source blocks now also flows into several direction if several downward paths of the same length are found
    • Tweak: Several block tweaks
      • Lantern survival breaking speed reduced to 1 second
      • Can now place attachable blocks like torches and wool/leather/linen layers on top of upside down slabs and stairs
      • Added ability for blocks to have random shapes which are randomly selected based on where they are placed in the world
      • Added new blocktype properties:
        • glowLevelByType: Same as glowLevel but typed for the selected block
        • SideAo and SideAoByType: If blocks around it should be ambient occluded
        • RenderFlags (8-bit value, lowest 3 bits used for offseting the render depth, the hights bit used for reducing alpha transparency loss over distance)
        • SnowCoverage: true/false, determines if snow layers can stay on the block
        • FaceCullMode: 
          • Default: Default behavior
          • NeverCull: All block faces are always rendered
          • Merge: Removes any block face that is opaque and adjacent to an opaque block face or block with same blockid
          • MergeMaterial: Same as merge but checks for equal material instead of equal blockid
          • Collapse: Same as merge, but removes only 1 of 2 faces if adjacent to blocks with same blockid
          • CollapseMaterial: Same as collapse but checks for equal material instead of equal blockid
          • Liquid: Removes any block face that is adjacent to an opaque block face or adjacent to a block of the same material
    • Fixed: Some block sides becoming transparent when placing stairs or slabs
    • Fixed: Active slot item info box popping up whenever an item got damaged
    • Fixed: Another attempt to fix mouse cursor not visible when disconnected from multiplayer
    • Fixed: /welcome and /announce only allowing 1 word
    • Fixed: Pre v1.2 worlds no longer openable
    • Fixed: Crafting planks from logs only ever returning birch planks
    • Fixed: Shift+Left click from the crafting output slot duplicating the item
    • Fixed: Client crashing when a half broken block in survival is instantly broken in creative mode
    • Fixed: Client crashing in certain situations in multiplayer when using inventory
    • Fixed: Client rarely crashing in multiplayer when server is shutting down
    • Fixed: Client crashing when window is resized to 0 height
    • Fixed: Server rarely crashing when a player connects
    • Fixed: Server crashing when a mod crashes in a certain way
    • Fixed: Players rarely not able to pick up items
    • Fixed: A world edit undo via /we undo after /we mmby x y z being applied incorrectly
    • Fixed: Covering/Uncovering light sources not correctly relighting neighbour chunks
    • Fixed: Stairs on top of stairs causing the lower stairs to be wrongly darkened


    Improved Block Selection Highlighter

    Prettier ice, ice lakes generating naturally
    icelakes.jpg largeicelake.jpg

    Loose stones now generate on the surface
    loosestone-desert.jpg loosestone-temperate.jpg

    Large Caverns now naturally generate in the humongous mountains landform

    New wooden path block

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